We are the West london Collaborative.

We are  local people. 

We are a service-user led Community Interest Company (CIC).

We bring local people with lived experience of using the NHS and social care systems to work with professionals at all levels.

We coproduce

Our members work with health and social care professionals in a process called coproduction.

This means planning services together in a partnership based on mutual trust and respect, drawing on people’s skills and experience to deliver services.

We believe all stakeholders have an important part to play - commissioner, service user, chief of staff, health care assistant, carer or nurse - we value the skills, knowledge and experience held within everyone. 

By working together we solve complex problems like system re-design, re-imagining and reforming services, writing strategy and policy, and reducing the impact of difficult financial decisions.

This approach recognises that everyone has a vital contribution to make in finding solutions to local problems.

As a social enterprise, we’re a business.

This makes us a bit different from some other organisations. We charge service providers and commissioners for our consultancy services.

But we don’t just complain about what we think is wrong, we work out how to put it right.

As a social enterprise, we generate our own income and are financially independent.

This independence means we are not afraid to challenge and speak out.

Any profit we make we reinvest back into our community - growing strength, togetherness and resilience through what we do.