We believe that our health and social care system is flawed and needs to be radically reimagined.

Communities must have an equal say in decisions about their neighbourhoods and the health care systems that serve them. They must be equal partners in developing new solutions to any complex, systemic problems as well as collaborating on radical new ideas together. 

People are never just 'service users' and people should not be defined solely by diagnosis or illness - they must be seen for all of the gifts they have.

That's why we bring local people with lived experience of using the NHS and social care systems to work in equal partnership with professionals at all levels in a process called coproduction

We use Nesta's 6 Principles of Coproduction to guide our thinking.

Coproduction benefits everyone; the community & professionals.

Coproduction means planning services together in partnerships based on mutual trust and respect, drawing on a variety of life skills and lived experience to deliver exciting results. Always sharing decision-making. It also means developing our local resilience and agency.  We all have an important part to play - local people, commissioners, chief executives, health care assistants, carers and nurses - everyone's skills, knowledge and experience is valued - even those with whom we disagree.

Together we are able to work on big system re-design, integration, transformation and policy and development. This can minimise the impact of difficult financial decisions and create solutions that are created with local people - not 'done to' them.

We are partners, not suppliers.

To model the coproduction process, We Coproduce collaborates with health care organisations and commissioners only as equal partners. This means that together we push boundaries and challenge each others thinking towards braver ideas and better outcomes.