Using untapped assets

We recruit local people.

They may be students, refugees, in full-time work or unemployed, they may be getting older, have dementia or  have been recently diagnosed with a life changing condition. They may have just had their first or fifth baby or be looking after their elderly parents.

But they will have the skills and expertise needed to deliver solutions for your organisation.  They know the local area, live in our communities and will have used your services.

And they will have an opinion that really matters.

They are all our untapped community assets.

Our members may not all be able to work in the same way as they once did but they will bring to the table brilliant ideas and insights, based on their experiences of using local services as well as their life experiences and cultural knowledge.

Our members currently include scientists, mothers, journalists, story tellers, photographers, film-makers, writers, teachers, polyglots, musicians, actors and more – a whole community of talents ready to support your organisation.

Oh, and we don’t adopt a “bums on seats’ approach to coproduction – we create authentic partnerships based on the abilities of those already in the room, understanding who is missing and why and mutually defining the right objectives.