What is We Coproduce?

We Coproduce CIC is an award winning social consultancy, owned and run by local people for people who care about the future of health care in the UK. We are commissioned to work with local communities to coproduce better and braver solutions to health and social care challenges. To do this effectively, we use the arts, graphic design, theatre, interactive technology and social media to facilitate new democratic spaces for communities and health care professionals to collaborate. We coproduce contemporary spaces that resonate with real lives -  not ‘patients’ or ‘staff’. We have worked with GP's, hospitals, clinical commissioning groups, academic institutions, think tanks, universities and of course, local people.

We see things a little differently. 

Our network is built of people who have lived experience of health and social care systems, either personally, as carers or frontline NHS workforce. Our collaborators may have spent time in hospitals, prisons, forensic units, care homes and women's refuges as well as work as peers, academics, activists, poets, economists and visionaries. What unites us is our belief that together we can and must change the world.

We Coproduce uses our profit to deliver opportunities for communities to learn and grow together, keeping people connected, nurturing resilience.

We believe we can dream our way out of stuck.

We are inspired by people, by stories, by music, art and philosophy - as well as academic data. To feed our dreams, we debate the work of thinkers like Walter Benjamin, Guy Debord and Bertolt Brecht, (we attempt to disseminate Foucault's work on power relations and Bloch’s work on hope). We are curious about the potential of art to change society, we ponder the power of Situationists and read up on Joseph Beuys. We are also inspired by great singer-song writers, from The Sex Pistols, The Clash to TuPac, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Bob Dylan - and start our day with a blast of music. 

Why? Because it’s difficult to think outside the problem if you only reference material produced inside of it. 

We are curious about 'problems'

We ask why... and why not. We ask who is in the room and who is not. When presented with a 'problem' by professionals or academics we start by reframing it locally until we are sure it's right. Problems are not always what they appear and agendas are often played out through the types of problems that society creates.

We disrupt.

Because Edison didn't invent the lightbulb by tinkering with a candle. Because if you keep doing what you do you get the same results. That’s what got us here.

Embracing uncertainty.

We have learnt to thrive in uncertainty, embracing it as an opportunity to create the world we want.