We see things a little differently.

Our team is built of people who have lived experience of health and social care systems, either personally, as carers or as part of the workforce. Together we are brave enough to dream of a better, fairer world and believe we can make a difference. We have collaborators and networks across the globe to offer a kaleidoscope of perspectives and models to explore.

Our collaborators help us to open our eyes and see the world in a myriad of colours: We are forever learning.

We curate

We are inspired by some great philosophers; Walter Benjamin, Guy Debord, Bertolt Brecht and particularly Foucault's work on power relations. We travel the world looking for ideas - like magpies we pick up the things we lave and bring them back to our nest.

Curating like this gives us the tools to dream our way out of stuck.

We learn

We tip our hat to thinkers like John Holloway whose book "Change The World Without Taking Power" made us dream that change is possible.

We also recognise the importance of publications by Nesta and NEF, whose Principles of Coproduction guide us along the way.

We are curious

We wonder why and why not. When presented with a 'problem' we start by reframing it until we are sure it's the right one. Then, we collaborate with local people using the arts and technology to spark radically different conversations; stimulating curiosity to solve problems.

We disrupt

Because Edison didn't invent the lightbulb by tinkering with a candle.

Embracing uncertainty

We know where we want to get to...but we are open-minded about how to get there.

In the 21st century, things change within the twinkling of an eye. While holding onto project ambitions, we thrive in uncertainty, embracing it as an opportunity for radical innovation.

As the Zapatistas love to say: "Asking, we walk."

As a CIC, any profit we make is reinvested into the community to build local resilience.