We Coproduce works as a social consultancy.

We provide consultancy services for organisations that want to work in genuine partnership with their wider community - not just patient leaders.

We do this by working with collaborators, utilising ALL of their assets, not just their lived experience of health and social care organisations. We recognise the whole person - their history and colourful lives. People who have amazing gifts and stories to share and want to change things for the better. 
Our collaborators include, mothers, journalists, storytellers, photographers, film-makers, survivors, refugees, poets, call centre workers, airline pilots, writers, risk assessors, teachers, postmen, polygots, musicians, actors and more – a wealth of talent.
Being curious
We are curious about the problems organisations are trying to solve. When presented with a 'problem' we investigate  with our collaborators and if necessary we reimagine it until we are sure it's the right one. We believe that local people will always have the answers to the problems that their communities face and collectively will be best placed to solve them.   

Data innovation and technology

We are curious about data. Particularly its reliability. We are hopeful about the potential for innovation in the design of SMART data collection technology in health and social care settings. We wonder what is signal and what is noise and how can we use good data to create SMART communities.  

Dreaming our way out of stuck

We want people to dream big, to re-imagine community and its pivotal role in health & wellbeing and social care. We are curious why with all the investment into transformation plans and strategies and in the provision of voluntary care services, so many people are unable to thrive.
We believe its because the system is broken and stuck - but we also beleive that we can dream our way out of stuck if we dare to.

Solving problems, not just finding them

Because we explore peoples lived experience of using the institutions, systems and services that were designed to care for them it's very easy to pick fault and find problems. The difficulty facing those tasked with making things work is finding solutions that work.  In the 21st century, with old infrastructure, limited investment and growing populations this has been a challenge.
But a problem shared is a problem halved. 
Our collaborators could be in full-time work or unemployed, they may be getting older, have dementia or have been recently diagnosed with a life changing condition. They may have just got out of prison. They may have just had their first baby or be looking after their elderly parents. But they will know the local area and it's issues, live in the community and will have used services or actively avoided them.  They have the skills and expertise needed to work in partnership with professionals to find solutions. 

Creating new spaces and experiences

To find those solutions, we create new community spaces that try to empower all those that pass through them by speaking in many voices and seeing with a kaleidoscope lens. To achieve that we work with artists, musicians, technologists, philosophers, disrupters and dreamers using tools that include poetry, film, comedy, drumming and debate.
We do this because most people don't want to or can't sit in a board room during working hours - if you keep doing the same thing you get the same results.
*As a CIC our profits are invested back to support people and communities to thrive. Reducing unnecessary reliance on the very institutions, systems and services we work to improve.