WeCoproduce has worked with the community across West London to co-produce an innovative internet radio station with a local and national health and wellbeing agenda.  

Gaga Radio will give a voice and a creative outlet to isolated people, keeping us more connected in disconnected times.

It’s a new community-led, creative, upbeat, funny, informative, internet radio station focused on wellbeing – run by disabled people, those with long term ill-health and mental illness, and others with lived experience of loneliness and isolation.

Some listeners will also be supported to be DJs, poets, story- tellers, radio bloggers, audio editors, producers and radio programmers – so we develop and showcase the creativity of our communities.


-Promote mental and physical wellbeing 

-Promote local networking and activity

-Connecting people to their wider communities and supporting networks

-Providing information about local opportunities

-Increase awareness and understanding of the determining factors required to sustain wellbeing & prevent illness

-Destigmatise mental illness 

-Tackle the negative impacts of social isolation often expressed in poor mental health

The national programming will promote health democracy by hosting debate and discussion about health and social care, the NHS and the structures and processes that impact local decisions.

Gaga Radio will offer a diverse range of programme content that appeals to the whole community, including; 

-Non-English speaking sections

-Fun and quirky with important wellbeing messaging embedded in its diverse programming, 

- Talk content will feature; call in shows, interviews, reviews, debate and discussions with links to current social media content and health care research alongside drama, spoken word poetry and comedy.

It will likely at times be provocative, irreverent, engaging, topical and informative.

From folk music to hip hop, dubstep to classical, jazz to dance music, gospel and more, Gaga radio will celebrate the diverse love of music in personal collections currently sitting in people's own homes because music and dance is medicine.

Gaga Radio is determined to be cool, hip, relevant to the mainstream and very accessible to all.

It will help people stay connected, sustain their wellness and offer voluntary and vocational opportunities for people to build confidence, skills and help into paid employment and purposeful activity.

Tune in! 

Spark up a conversation on Twitter at #GagaRadio @GaGa_Radio_uk