Welcome to the Living Well Diner, where people choose to thrive!
An experience where every person who has capacity has CHOICE. Where people are able to thrive because we address social barriers.

The Living Well Diner Menu has been created to coproduce integrated mental health services in Hammersmith and Fulham, Hounslow and Ealing in line with a new pilot scheme. 

It has been co-produced with members of Wecoproduce forums, especially service users and carers from our tri-borough communities. It emerged from the National Community Framework and NHSE Long Term Plan. It follows NHSE’s call for community based integrated Mental Health services that are co-produced. 

National Peer Advocate and NHSE adviser, Steph de la Haye, worked with us to develop the narrative and background for it. The initial MINT (Mental Health Integrated Network Team) model was reworked into the Living Well Diner menu, which details the kind of mental and physical health care that the community wants.

What do our tri-borough communities want?

  • Peer support 
  • Co-production   
  • Community/people assets 
  • An Integrated approach
  • Diversity   
  • A recovery focus approach 
  • Community Hub 
  • Choice 
  • Having alternative support methods 
  • Positive risk and person centred driven care
  • Digital connectivity 

‘I’ statements were strong elements from the national framework and so this community driven plan has added ‘I’ statements by people within the 3 boroughs who have either direct experience of using community mental health services or as a carer (Experts by Experience).

We saw this as an opportunity to design a radical, exciting and transformative model of a service that we would welcome, use and benefit from. 

The vision of a healthier, vibrant, socially connected and integrated community is within reach, and achievable, if its health services use and demonstrate genuine co-production principles and practice.