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Side One features an animated visual representation of an artist studio, with motifs and symbols that identify the most common issues the group came across when coproducing.  Exploring the meaning of these is great fun and provokes lively discussion.  It also makes a beautiful poster to remind people of how you like to work.


Side Two, is a handy revolving ‘work table’ with tips and ideas. This can be used for learning or placed in the centre of the table and rotated for group discussions. There are also plenty of references and further reading for those looking for more.


Let us know how you have found working with the Art of Coproduction and what conversations you had, you may disagree strongly or feel something important is missing – this is the start of our conversation…not the end point!


Spark up a conversation on Twitter at #ARTOFCOPRODUCTION @wecoproduce

The Art of Coproduction x25

  • Designed to generate conversation, ideas and debate with people who coproduce regularly as well as providing an easy access starting point for those looking to learn.

    It was produced in collaboration with NHS England and coproduced with a team of amazing people from across the country.

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