Greetings WLC.  Worldwide we are witnessing distrust of government, of officials, of experts. Coproduction is the way to build a world where each and every one of us can define himself or herself as a contributor, as an asset, as a builder, as a stakeholder and a shareholder. Native Americans have a saying, "We did not inherit the world from our ancestors. We borrowed it from our descendants." Through coproduction you now lead the way in honoring that trust owed to our children and their children. Thank you for what you do and what you stand for.

Edgar S Cahn, distinguished American legal professor, former counsel and speech writer to Robert F Kennedy. 

WLC is a creative and connected organisation and we deeply value the collaborative approach they bring to our service design, our staff engagement and the perspectives they bring to our Trust. 

Carolyn Reagan, CEO, West London Mental Health NHS Trust. 

Thank you so much for all the trouble you took to arrange such a full, varied and very interesting day for and Helen and I yesterday. I learnt so much about what is possible when a group of people who want to influence NHS services get organised and start knocking on the right doors seeking genuine partnership. The extent and range of the influence of WLC is truly impressive.

David McNally, Head of Experience of Care, NHS England

I was so pleased that I managed to get back to The Lyric on the night of your party. I found it truly inspiring and very moving and really want to hang onto the things that so affected me . Infact beginning to attend your forums has given me a hope for the future in general and a realization that my experiences and feelings are valid and that I am not wrong all of the time. The power in the words and delivery of those performance poets really spoke to me.

Community Member