Because Edison didn't invent the lightbulb by tinkering with a candle.

We see things a little differently

Our team is built of people who have lived experience of health and social care systems, either themselves or as carers. We also have amazing gifts and talents as well as professional expertise. Our shared gift is that we are brave enough to dream of a better, fairer world.  While we are small and sweet - we have collaborators across the globe and networks that can find solutions you may never have imagined. 

We use our network to create a kaleidoscope and we shift the lens to see the world in a myriad of colours and ways and our collaborators help open our eyes wider so we are forever learning.

We curate

Our thinking is based on a long period of curating ideas that inspire; from Walter Benjamin, Guy Debord and Bertolt Brecht to Foucault's work on power relations.  We travel the world looking for ideas - like magpies we pick up the shiny things that catch our eye and bring them back to our nest. Curating like this gives us tools that help us dream our way out of stuck.

We learn

We tip our hat unashamedly to thinkers like John Holloway whose book "Change The World With Out Taking Power" made us dream that change is possible.  Our great friend and constant inspiration, Cormac Russel  taught us that we were not  'service users' from day one. 
We would also be lost with out the amazing publications that have been produced by Nesta, whose 6 Principles of Coproduction guide us every single day.  You will see these inspirations and many others throughout much of our work.

We are curious

We wonder why and why not. We ask who is in the room and who is not - and we wonder why.  We wonder about peoples hopes and dreams and how the wealth of their gifts might be realised. We wonder what force blocks an organisations potential.  What stops change happening  - what scares people?
And every morning we wake up wondering..what if?

We disrupt

Because the butterfly is not a better version of a caterpillar.

We don't always know where we are headed

We know where we want to get to...but we are not too sure how we will get there.
That's OK. The world is moving at pace and things change in the twinkling of an eye. So we will hold on to our dream and ask for direction from our collaborators along the way.
As the Zapatista's love to say - "asking we walk."